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When it comes to live music for your wedding or event, we know you have a choice (you can probably see where we're going with this), and being a bunch of full time musicians, we decided to create a band so good, so entertaining, so modest, that we'd be the only band you'd want to consider. So after much head scratching and several cold beers, we came up with The Chosen Few as our name.

To be honest, it's hard to write about yourself without sounding like you have the world's biggest ego and while we know we'll deliver a brilliant night of entertainment to you and your guests, it's probably best to let our clients do all the talking. Here's what a recent client had to say;

'I booked The Chosen Few for our wedding and I can honestly say that they made the night.'

So why book The Chosen Few?  We're a dedicated team of professional musicians who earn our living, pay our mortgages and feed all 24 or our kids (only joking) by performing music we know and love.  We treat every event, be it a wedding, corporate event or party as if it was our own and we're not satisfied until we've filled the dance floor all night long. 

For your peace of mind, we use reliable transport, the latest equipment and we have a 100% reliability record.  Hundreds of gigs and never let down a client. We simply can't afford not to give you the best night of your life because we know we're only as good as our last booking.

As you can probably tell, we like to provide something for everyone. Your 80 year old granny should have as much fun as your 8 year old nephew and of course if you have a special first dance request, we'll be happy to learn it if it's not already in our repertoire.

So hopefully this has been enough to make you click the button at the top of the page to get an instant quote and availability check.  It's dead easy and we'd be very happy to be the band you choose for your party.  By the way, if you're looking at our pictures and thinking we're a little bit 'relaxed' in our appearance, don't worry, we come suited and booted on request.  We put an awful lot of energy into each performance and things get a bit hot under the lights, but if your event is black tie, we'll make sure we fit right in.

Thanks for stopping by and reading a little bit about us.  We hope to see you on a dance floor near us very soon.